Primal Tracking - GPS Tracking for Events, Groups and LIVE tracking in Ireland

Primal Tracking – tracking in wilderness and remote locations, throughout Ireland

The Primal Tracking application is now being used by event organisers, Duke of Edinburgh, Gaisce Award, Scout Groups and individuals taking on personal or charity challenges such as ultra runs, mountain treks, cycle sportives, or multi day events in all locations including wilderness and remote locations.

Event Tracking

Tracking opens up a world of possibilities

Event Tracking

Events that have previously been hard to watch, due to participants moving over large, remote distances, can now be viewed on your screen using GPRS tracking. You can watch key moments in the event unfold, decisions made and leaders swapping on your screen. You also have the comfort of knowing where everyone is at any one time.

The trackers are very small, the size of a match box, and can fit easily into a participant’s pocket. Put up a plasma screen at the event headquarters for spectators to watch. You can also share the internet link to the map for people across the world to watch at home on their computers or mobile devices.

It is a brilliant way to keep families at home as well as support crews happy and up to date. It brings everyone closer to the event.



If you are tracking events with numbers in excess of 100 participants we recommend using bike or numbers with a barcode on them. This facility speeds up the registration process and the issuing of the trackers to participants.

To get accurate live timing at events we can speed up the tracking rate to every 5 seconds as participants near the finish line or pass through checkpoints – please let us know if this is of interest to you.

Leaderboard Option

Event organisers can provide around 10 checkpoint locations along the route. The tracker location is then matched to the checkpoints and the time of the participant or team visit is recorded. The highly automated process provides the online viewer with accurate information as the event progresses.



Live Site Option

In addition to the mapping and leaderboard option we can also provide a “Live Site” option. This live site allows users to integrate event Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds onto the live site and therefore engaging the spectators for a longer time period. We can also add sponsors logos and links to their websites on this live site and the value of this to sponsors is great. Past examples of these sites can be viewed here –

Tracking opens up a world of possibilities:-

“The trackers and live site have been a great addition to our events and we will be using them for every year from now on. They provide a great spectacle for the live website for not just friends of the top runners but for people all over the world to watch. They really add to the excitement. They also allow us to know exactly when to expect the first runner to each checkpoint on the course. They are lightweight at 65g and the size of a matchbox. People don’t mind carrying them.” 

“Tracking is a must in our events now. For some of our 2015 events, we had up to 10,000 spectators online addicted to the tracking. The value for event organisers and their sponsors is enormous”

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