Primal Tracking - GPS Tracking for Events, Groups and LIVE tracking in Ireland

Primal Tracking – tracking in wilderness and remote locations, throughout Ireland

The Primal Tracking application is now being used by event organisers, Duke of Edinburgh, Gaisce Award, Scout Groups and individuals taking on personal or charity challenges such as ultra runs, mountain treks, cycle sportives, or multi day events in all locations including wilderness and remote locations.


Compatible with Google Maps & Ordance Survey Maps


mapsThis is the point where we try to make your life as easy as possible. All of the trackers are displayed on a Google Map or on an Ordnance Survey Map (if available). You can simply link to a map hosted on our servers. The map is fully mobile compatible.

We are also able to upload your own KML route file, which overlays the map, showing people looking in from the outside the route of the course if you have one. When the event is on, you can click a participant’s name and look at the route they have decided to take or ensure they are taking the correct route. By clicking on a participant’s name you can also view the time they were last tracked and the battery level of their tracker. We can also provide a complete history of all trackers at the end of the event (.gpx file).

You can choose to share the web link to the map to spectators or keep it private to use as an organisational tool. In order to maximise the spectator return on the tracking we suggest sharing the link to the event tracking website two weeks before the event.


Event Logistics Map

If you hire a few extra trackers and run a private “event only” map separate to the “public” map. You can track your first aid staff, trucks, sweepers and other staff’s position. Knowing where everyone is at a glance can save a lot of time and man power. It can make safety decisions and responses much more efficient.

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